The 21st century educator

So often in education, we talk about “21st century skills.” We want our children to have access to learning that best prepares them for the career landscape that they are destined to enter. Very little is said, however, about the 21st century educator. While identifying key skills is critical, it’s equally important that educators adaptContinue reading “The 21st century educator”

STEM? STEAM? Why the acronym doesn’t matter

I teach at a STEM magnet middle school where approximately 1/3 of our students are participants in a lottery-based magnet program. We’re essentially a school-within-a-school, where 1/3 of our students have access to cohorted classes that include PBL (project based learning) approaches to curriculum as well as special electives like the computer science classes thatContinue reading “STEM? STEAM? Why the acronym doesn’t matter”

Growth Mindset & Grading

Grading is one of my least favorite parts of teaching. It’s funny, because growing up, I always loved when teachers let us grade each other’s papers. It was kind of fun, getting to wield a red pen and assign points to peers. Now on the other side, I find myself frustrated with a system inContinue reading “Growth Mindset & Grading”