I help passionate, innovative teachers (and parents!) create systems and space to empower their students to do work that matters. If this is you, I want to meet you, learn from you, and work with you.

I believe that kids deserve to do BIG, meaningful work – that they are worthy of learning that is fun, challenging, and fulfilling. I believe that kids are full human beings, and that they deserve to share control of their learning, their lives, and their classroom space.

Through my content, I hope to inspire you to take action and make small changes in learning as we know it. By sharing lessons learned in my own classroom, my goal is to equip you with tools you need to create authentic classroom experiences that cultivate meaningful challenge and genuine passion at school. After all, you became a teacher because you love learning, so let’s share that passion for discovery and curiosity with those who need it most – our students.

Ultimately, I believe it is our duty to foster a life-long love of learning for our students so they can passionately pursue that which matters most to them.

I hope you’ll join me. 

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