You don’t need a tutor.
You need a strategist.

Critical support for distance learning, a system that builds independent learners for a lifetime.

I know how frustrating it must have been to learn that your kids’ district was choosing to continue with virtual learning in the fall. You feel guilty because you care deeply about your children’s health, but you also wish they could just go back to school so that you can get back to normal, too.

Distance learning in the Spring was overwhelming, but you really thought it would be a one-time thing, and now you’re anxious over the thought of having to do this for another semester or longer.

You don’t need a tutor, you need a strategist.

As a computer science teacher who believes in empowering students to do BIG projects, I’m confident that the same learning management systems I’ve used with thousands of students are the key to empowering your student to self manage their work — giving you your time back and building management, prioritization, and self-regulation skills that will stick with them for a lifetime.

We’ll work together to make your student’s learning visible and open lines of communication around their school work. Together, we’ll increase buy-in from your student and build their intrinsic motivation to learn. Throughout our time together, you’ll implement research-based, teacher-tested systems that will support you through distance learning and beyond.

A 6-week group coaching program designed to help you have the best distance learning experience by making learning visible, opening lines of communication, and empowering your student to self manage their learning.

What’s Included?

  • Lifetime access to the Strategic Parent modules, including 10 video modules, workbooks, and accompanying resources
  • Private Facebook community for accountability, feedback, and support
  • 12 hours of LIVE group coaching calls to get personalized support
  • BONUS video trainings to support your student as a lifelong learner
  • Customizable resources to help your student see success with distance learning

Spots are extremely limited — reserve your spot today to get started in August!

“I have taught for 48 years and have had differentiation delivered in multiple ways. I have learned more today than in the past 48 years. THANK YOU! What a GREAT way to put it altogether for the students. Your enthusiasm is invigorating.”

-Dina H.

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