If I could give this session an even higher rating, I would. The class quickly taught us how group work can look in the classroom and an extremely successful model by letting us practice what we were learning. I can’t wait to try this with my students.

Jeanelle C.

This was one of the most practical sessions I’ve attended at a conference. The Scrum activities really opened up some thinking for me regarding how I will approach group work with my students.

Kyle W.

I loved this class! You are a fantastic presenter! Class moved so quickly and was very engaging and not overwhelming! Thank you!!

Heather E.

(Scrum) is a great idea. I feel like I’m ahead of the curve for learning it as I wouldn’t be surprised if this became the “new norm” for group projects in education. I’ll definitely need time to digest the information to figure out how to really incorporate this into my classroom, but it is a proven skill, actually used in industry, which will help prepare our students for their futures.

Chris P.

Loved this class. She had lots of energy and I can easily adjust Scrum for my classroom projects.

Beth P.

Awesome teacher. I will be following her on Twitter and would attend her presentations again and again.

CSTA 2018 Attendee

This was a phenomenal session – clear and easy to follow. She gave some great ideas and tips to use in any classroom. Definitely have her come back next year!

CSTA 2018 Attendee

AWESOME!!!! I come out of the IT field and can definitely see the classroom applicability. I appreciated the energy, interaction, practice, and attention to questions.

CSTA 2018 Attendee
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