Teachers deserve personalized professional development tailored to their needs. With over ten years of facilitation experience in K-12 education, higher education student leadership, and the private sector, I am passionate about delivering active PD that gives teachers immediately implementable takeaways to support student learning, growth, and autonomy. While a sampling of workshop topics is listed below, workshops are tailored to best support YOUR teachers and students.

Workshop Topics

Certified Agile Leader in K-12 Education (CAL K-12℠)

Meet your students where they are. Become a Certified Agile LeaderSM in the K-12 classroom (CAL K-12SM) and create a better learning environment for your students.

Earn an internationally recognized ScrumAlliance-backed CAL K-12SM credential to gain the training you need to help you effectively tailor a learning environment that meets students where they are, while simultaneously and progressively growing their capacity to learn, live, and work with agility. Through the certification process, learn to deepen your mindset and translate the values and principles into actionable strategies to benefit both you and your students. CAL K-12SM certificants know how to curate a learning environment that fosters collaboration, choice, creativity, and adaptability for all.

21st Century Classroom Leadership

In this program, participants will learn tangible tools and strategies to help transform their classrooms into places where students do work that matters to THEM right now. Through classroom management methods that empower student coaching and collaboration, assessment tools that amplify and inspire creativity, tips for building student tenacity, and strategies to manage 100+ unique projects all at once without losing your mind, educators will leave this session ready to transform their classroom from student-centered to student-led.

Reach all Learners: Let’s Differentiate!

Differentiation doesn’t mean sacrificing mastery, and it doesn’t have to consume all of your extra time. Done right, differentiation of content, process, and product allow every learner to work toward mastery of the standards, while freeing up time for the educator in the room to do what they do best: teach. In this session, participants will explore methods to differentiate any lesson, leaving with tools to immediately change their classroom environment into one where every student has the ability to access rigorous content.

Jennifer Manly is an excellent facilitator, beautifully weaving together direct instruction, hands on application, and rich group discussion to create a highly effective and engaging presentation.

Workshop Participant, CSTA 2019

I’m ready to bring action-oriented PD to my school!

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